Air Duct Cleaning Explains What Can Collect in Your Air Ducts

Do you know what’s inside your air ducts? Over years and years, a lot of gunk can accumulate inside your HVAC system, making it hazardous to your health. In today’s blog from Air Duct Cleaning, we explain what can collect in your air ducts.

1. Dust

Dust is probably the most obvious thing that builds up in your air ducts over time. Dust consists of many small particles, such as dead skin cells, dander, minerals, pollen, and tiny fibers. Excessive dust causes your HVAC equipment to run less efficiently, and it may cause problems with your lungs. Air Duct Cleaning can vacuum out all of the dust in your air ducts in just a few hours.

2. Allergens

No matter how good your air filter is, indoor and outdoor allergens are bound to get into your air ducts at some point. If you have indoor dogs or cats, pet dander collects in your air ducts and around your vents. Pollen from the outside gets inside through open doors and windows, as well as coming in on people’s clothing. Air Duct Cleaning can keep these allergens to a minimum after we vacuum out your air ducts.

3. Pests

Have you looked at your crawlspace or attic recently? Pests, such as bugs, mice, or even small snakes can wriggle their way into your ducts through tiny openings or cracks in the joints between pieces of ductwork, especially in older buildings. Pests can also get in through vents. If you think you have pests in your ductwork, duct cleaning experts like Air Duct Cleaning can help.

4. Mold and Microorganisms

Mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses can accumulate in your air ducts over the years. High humidity levels in your home allow water vapor to cling to dust, allergens, and dander. Humidity and water buildup, along with the dark interior of your air ducts, offer the perfect growing habitat for mold. Mold is dangerous to humans, particularly when it’s inhaled into your lungs.  

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