Do you need a cleaning schedule for your new HVAC system?

Most likely, the installer advised an HVAC cleaning plan if you recently had a new heating and/or air conditioning system installed. Do you require preventative maintenance, though? Everything should be in fine working order, so there shouldn’t be any issues for a while. 

That is somewhat accurate. It’s doubtful that anything will go wrong with the equipment itself in the first year or two. However, many environmental issues can affect both old and new systems and can be avoided with a thorough cleaning and tune-up. 

Neglected maintenance will eventually reduce the lifespan of your equipment. Some of these problems may even give you short-term headaches. 

Filter replacement and cleaning

Filters on your HVAC system stop dust and other material from damaging the system by keeping them out. Those filters must occasionally be cleaned or replaced, depending on the kind. Filters require maintenance once or twice a year for the majority of household systems. 

Although filters may be cleaned or replaced by the owner, the majority of homeowners choose to have the entire system serviced regularly, including the filters. We offer filter replacements free of charge, together with our air duct cleaning service.

Coil cleaningTo remove heat from the air in your space and release extra heat outside the building, your air conditioning system features a coil with sensitive fins. Dust and filth can cover the coils, hindering their transfer of heat transfer. 

As a stand-alone service or as a component of our air duct cleaning packages, we provide coil cleaning services.

Proper airflowSufficient ventilation is essential for your HVAC system to regulate the temperature in your room. Even with modern systems, several problems might result in less airflow. Your airflow can be improved by properly cleaning your air ducts.

Keep your equipment in top shape. 

Selecting and installing a new heating and cooling system may be time-consuming and expensive. It seems sensible that you would like your new equipment to last as long as possible.

A regular cleaning schedule for your HVAC system guarantees that it is maintained in “like new” condition for a lot longer than unattended equipment. As a result, you and your family will experience fewer breakdowns, more efficiency and lower energy usage, a longer lifetime, and superior comfort levels.

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