How Air Duct Cleaning Can Reduce Odors in Your Home

Do you have persistent odors in your home? Want to get rid of them? Air Duct Cleaning can help. Read today’s blog about how our air duct cleaning can reduce odors in your home.

Eliminate the Source

The only surefire way to eliminate odors in your home is to get rid of the source. Whether you’ve got a dead animal, pet droppings, pet fur, mold growth and moisture build-up, or improperly sealed ductwork, you have to eliminate the source of the odors. 

Remove Built-Up Material

Cleaning air ducts in your home can eliminate odors that have built up in dust and material within your ducts. When odors go through your air ducts, air blows over the dust, dander, hair, and materials in your ductwork. Just like smells can saturate carpets, clothes, and drapes, the same thing can happen to the material in your ducts. Over time, air will make these odors permeate even more throughout your home. It’s important to remove the foreign material in your air ducts if you want to completely remove odors.

Sanitize for Mold & Microbes

If there are mold growths and microbes in your air ducts, our air duct cleaning and sanitizing services can eliminate these sources of odors. Mold can leave behind a musty smell, but it can also cause problems for your family’s breathing. Air Duct Cleaning can sanitize your ducts after we clean them. We use a special antimicrobial treatment that rids your air ducts of harmful odor-causing bacteria and mold. 


Deodorizing air ducts happens after we sanitize them. This service leaves your air ducts clean-smelling longer than untreated ducts. Our team will go over your options before we clean your residential or commercial air ducts.

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