How Dangerous is Dryer Lint?

hand removing dirty lint filter of dryer while doing laundry

With our busy schedules, clearing the lint filter is often forgotten. Having your dryer vent professionally cleaned is probably even further back in your mind.  Unfortunately, left unchecked, this can cause a significant safety hazard.  Close dryers are a major source of house fires and unmaintained or clogged dryer vents are the leading cause.

Why is Lint so Flammable?

Lint is often used to start campfires due to its ability to quickly light kindling.  Experienced campers know that a cardboard toilet paper or paper towel roll stuffed with lint makes an excellent firestarter.  Buy why?

Fine lint particles are more susceptible to spontaneous combustion that a whole garment because of the small size and greater surface area of each particle.  Lint does not dissipate heat very well so as a whole, lint heats up quickly and maintains that heat.

The Hidden Danger of Dryers

Dryers offer the perfect breeding ground for potential fire hazards.  Dryers themselves heat up to about 175 degrees fahrenheit in normal conditions but can go even higher when the airflow is restricted.  Lint, itself, is highly flammable.  Now, add in the factor that you usually cannot see the buildup in your dryer vent and you have a recipe for a fire disaster.

What Can I Do to Help Prevent a Dryer Fire?

You can help prevent dryer fires from happening by continuing by regularly cleaning out the dryer lint trap, thereby reducing the amount that is being passed through the vent.  Then schedule regular cleaning with a professional vent cleaner who will be able to reach places you cannot and ensure all is as safe as possible.

Why Choose Quag’s Dryer Vent Cleaning?

We are not only professional dryer vent cleaners but actually we are one of the few Connecticut Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Who We Are

✔ Locally Owned
✔ Certified Technicians
✔ Highly Experienced
✔ Service all Over Connecticut

What We Do

✔ Assess the Dryer Vent Setup
✔ Clean Vent Thoroughly
✔ Routine Maintenance
✔ Repair

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