How to Clean Your Air Ducts Yourself  Easily

Air ducts filled with dirt are a major reason for poor air quality in homes because they are often neglected while cleaning. Things like dust, mould, and spider webs can hide within the vents without being overtly visible. Such contaminations are likely to negatively affect the health of the family members.

When you turn on the HVAC system, the hidden contaminants and particles can spread throughout the home and lead to allergies and infections.

Thus, cleaning them becomes a necessity. Furthermore, cleaning air ducts is crucial if you plan to move out of your rental property and want your bond back in full. In that case, hiring a company that offers bond cleaning in Brisbane is highly recommended.

However, if you prefer the DIY way, you will need a step-by-step plan. Here’s how you can clean your air ducts yourself easily. These tips are easy to follow and apply.

1.   Get the Appropriate Tools

For thorough cleaning, you must equip yourself with the best possible tools. Here are a few of them:

  • Screwdriver
  • Vacuum with a long hose attachment
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Protective eyewear
  • Dust mask
  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Furnace filter

You will see professionals who offer services like bond cleaning in Brisbane have such tools, and that’s why they can do the job perfectly. For similar results, gather all these supplies and move on to the next step.

2.   Remove the Vent Covers

Remove the vent covers on your supply and the return vents, one at a time. Use a screwdriver (flathead one) to loosen the attached screws and slowly pull the side of the cover toward you. Don’t pull it too hard, as it will likely bend and break. Be cautious.

3.   Cover Your Supply Vents

Block all the supply vents you’re not cleaning using a thick paper towel. It will allow you to work on one at a time without worrying about dust that would have come from other vents had it not been covered. You don’t need to reinstall all the covers. Just lift them and place a paper towel between the cover and the floor/wall.

4.   Set the Thermostat to ‘Fan on’

It’s important to ensure that the ‘heat’ and ‘cool’ modes are switched off and only the fan is running. The fan will loosen the dust in the duct, making it easier for you to clean. In case you have an older thermostat that doesn’t include the ‘Fan only’ mode, run it on ‘heat’.

5.   Loosen the Dust

Loosen the dust build-up in the ductwork. It may also contain dust mites, which must be eliminated effectively for hygienic living conditions. Just use your brush handle and start tapping lightly on the accessible ductwork in the basement. It will loosen clumps of dust that are stuck to the inside.

6.   Clean the Supply Registers

It’s now time to begin the process of sweeping out the dust in your supply register. Before starting, wear personal protective equipment like heavy-duty gloves, protective eyewear, and a dust mask. Firstly, lift the register and insert the hose attachment in your vacuum as far into the piping as possible. Use it to catch the dust pushed by the fan. After vacuuming, use your brush to get rid of any build-up dust in the register.

Now, with the help of a damp microfibre cloth, reach as far as you can down into the duct and wipe the interior clean. It’s recommended to repeatedly rinse the cloth because you’re more than likely to find quite a bit of dust.

As you go through the supply registers, remove the paper towels you’ve put in place. Also, don’t forget to follow the same procedure when cleaning return registers. Because it is so effective, you’ll see many experts use this method when bond cleaning in Brisbane.

7.   Turn off the Fan & Furnace

Turn off the fan at the thermostat and power off the furnace via the breaker panel or the service switch. Just shutting off the thermostat won’t cut it because it doesn’t turn off the unit’s power.

8.   Clean the Blower Compartment and Return Air Boot

This is a major place that gathers dirt and grime, making cleaning this spot necessary. To access the blower compartment & return air boot, remove the panels on the front of the furnace. To sweep the build-up dust, use your vacuum. Don’t forget to clean the furnace fan as well if you are cleaning for a move. It will help to get the bond back without cuts.

9.   Replace the Furnace Filter

Lastly, changing your filter once every three months is highly recommended. It’s the right time because you won’t get the full benefits of clean ducts if the filters are clogged with dust and contaminants. Buying a new one will definitely cut down the dust in your home and improve the condition of allergy sufferers.

Wrapping Up

So, this was a simple and straightforward method for cleaning your air ducts yourself. By no means it’s easy, but definitely worth the effort. Again, if you’re at the end of your tenancy, it’s best to hire professionals who offer services like bond cleaning in Brisbane, as they are experts who have all the proper tools and can get the work done very quickly.

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