Is Duct Insulation Worth It?

Air Duct Cleaning specializes in the HVAC ductwork throughout your residential or commercial building. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of things inside of ductwork. But what about outside of ducts? Today’s blog from Air Duct Cleaning answers, “Is duct insulation worth it?

Decreased Utility Bills

Yes, the right kind of duct insulation is absolutely worth it. Here’s why. You could lose anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of the energy used to heat or cool your home. When you consider your HVAC system is the single-largest appliance in your home that uses the most energy, you could reduce your utility bills substantially over time. 

The longer you own your home with efficient, insulated ductwork, the more money you could save. Your actual results may vary. Air Duct Cleaning can suggest the type of duct insulation that’s right for your building.

Prevent Temperature Changes and Leaks

The right application of duct insulation can prevent leaks, temperature drops, and condensation build-up. Condensation often forms because of drastic temperature changes. Insulation maintains proper and steady temperatures within your ducts. Condensation can lead to structural damage, mold build-up, and health problems. Leaks and sudden temperature changes increase your utility bills. Talk to Air Duct Cleaning if you’re experiencing these difficulties.

Where to Put Duct Insulation

Most certainly, duct insulation should go around ducts that travel through uninhabited spaces of the house. Think unfinished attics or basements, crawlspaces, and unfinished rooms. This prevents heat or cooling loss as well as air leaks. 

How much duct insulation do you need?

Experts recommend R-values of 5 to 8 for most residential duct insulation, depending on where the ducts are located. Locations that undergo drastic temperature changes may require R-values of 13 to 30, like ducts in exterior walls, attic kneewalls, or floors over a crawlspace. Often, the insulation in your floor, walls, or ceilings protects the ductwork in your home. Air Duct can recommend how to insulate your ductwork properly for optimal results.

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