Tips for new homeowners on cleaning the air ducts

Hey there, neighbor! If you recently moved into a new house or apartment in the DMV region, congrats! As a new renter, you would definitely want to walk into a tidy house. The air ducts are just as important as the sparkling carpets, recently painted walls, and spotless floors, so don’t forget about them! When the air within your house is secure and pure, it will feel like home. Give us a chance to assist you there!

A newly constructed home may be a great deal of fun to move into. However, you might have been surprised to see how, a week earlier, the recently installed flooring was lightly dusted with dust and the shelves of the closet systems your contractor had installed were covered in sawdust. Before the inhabitants move in, the builder makes care to clear up all the debris from the new building. You might be surprised to discover that your air ducts are suddenly unclean since all of the dust and debris from the building process likely got sucked into them.

You need to get the air ducts cleaned because your home is just getting fresh. Simply take a quick look at the vent registers to see if dust has gathered there. Dust is discharged into the air after all that cutting and sanding, pulled into the return vents, and circulated each time the HVAC system runs.

It is advised to arrange an HVAC duct cleaning before moving into the newly constructed home to provide the air duct cleaning professionals easy access to all the vents. Additionally, depending on the machinery they use and the amount of dust in the vents, a small amount of dust may be blasted into the living space.

The only way to give you and your loved ones a safe and healthy atmosphere is to ensure that the air inside your house is clean and safe. More than you would think, the state of your air ducts affects your health.

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