What Are the 3 Best Methods of Air Duct Cleaning?

Home maintenance can be both expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, the internet is full of reliable resources to make the process of home maintenance more efficient. In today’s blog, our experts at Air Duct Cleaning will cover the three most common cleaning methods we use for cleaning the air ducts in your home. 

Negative Pressure

This style of air duct cleaning focuses on vacuuming out the debris that is collecting on the walls of your air ducts and then spraying an antimicrobial mist to prevent re-contamination. Negative pressure is arguably the best way to clean an air duct because it prevents fly-away debris from going into the air and the antimicrobial spray prevents further build-up.

This method is what we use at Air Duct Cleaning because it is thorough and removes as many contaminants as possible.

Air Sweep (Power Vacuuming Method)

This is the most thorough and expensive method of cleaning an air duct. However, it is results-oriented. This method consists of using a large power vacuum cleaner as the only source of debris removal. If not done carefully, it could tear your ductwork. Tearing ductwork is rare as most professional air duct cleaning services are particularly careful and thorough with this method of cleaning. 

Mechanical Agitation

This type of cleaning method consists of an external machine that breaks contaminants loose from the duct. 

Agitation services from some air duct cleaning companies include:

  • Mechanically Rooted Brushes
  • Air Whips
  • Compressed Air Nozzles (also known as “skipper balls”)
  • Hand-brushing
  • Contact Vacuuming

All of these methods lead to the same result of contaminants being broken loose from the walls of your air duct. Removal of these contaminants will allow for cleaner air circulation in your home. 

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