What Does an Air Duct Inspection Include?

We tend to spend more time indoors as it gets hotter and hotter out. When relying on our air conditioners in the summer, we need to pay special attention to indoor air quality. 

Regular inspections and cleanings can keep your indoor air quality at a healthy level. 

What’s Included in an Air Duct Inspection?  

Before the process of air duct cleaning and inspection even begins, the professionals at Air Duct Cleaning can offer a free quote for the job. 

In a typical air duct inspection, you can expect an air duct cleaning company to visit your home or business. Once there, the company checks your ducts for signs of dirt, debris, or mold, which can all cause respiratory issues if not cleaned., 

After the inspection and during the actual cleaning process, the Air Duct cleaning team will use one of the most powerful vacuums in the industry to ensure all debris is removed from the building’s ventilation system. 

After the cleaning, you can opt for a sanitizing and deodorizing service. This service is a great preventative measure to ensure ducts stay clean long after they’re vacuumed. Our antimicrobial treatment reduces mold, bacteria, and odors in your air ducts. 

What if Mold is Found in My Air Ducts?  

During the inspection and cleaning process, it is a possibility that mold may be discovered. 

Mold remediation do’s and don’ts include: 


  • If mold is found in your home, the first step is to call in a duct cleaning service. Handling the mold yourself could lead to inhaling harmful spores, resulting in health consequences. 
  • Turn off your air conditioner or heating. If you have mold in your air ducts, keeping the HVAC system running will continuously cycle the mold through your air. 
  • Wear PPE or exit the building. Depending on what kind of mold is present, even being around it can be dangerous to your health. 


  • Do not come into contact with the mold. By poking and prodding at mold, you release spores and put yourself into direct contact with a harmful material. 
  • Avoid trying to “dry it out” with a fan. This will only circulate the mold throughout the air. 
  • Do not handle cleaning it alone. Calling in trained professionals keeps you from inhaling dangerous materials. Many people are unaware of what’s needed to clean mold, and when they try “DIY-ing” it, they risk worsening the issue.  

Residential and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning 

Although the job remains the same between residential and commercial air duct cleaning, there are a few things to expect from each. 

In commercial cleaning, we’ll work with you to establish a time to visit your business and provide an estimate of our services. Once accepted, our team will schedule a time to visit and perform the cleaning service. 

In residential settings, we’ll use a camera inside your ducts to show the cleanliness level. Once we’ve started, you can expect a 2 to 5-hour process. 

The time this process takes to complete depends on the size of your home. Beware of companies that offer “30-minute” cleaning, as often the company will only clean what you can see and push debris further back in your system, ultimately resulting in it re-circulating throughout your home. 

After your cleaning service, you’ll enjoy better indoor air quality, as pollutants have been removed from your air ducts. With your system cleaned, you’ll also notice a higher and more energy-efficient air quality. 

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